Established in 1973, we are a small, friendly firm centrally located at Wynyard in the CBD and dedicated exclusively to the delivery of prompt and personalised service. Key team members are:

George Pashalis
Kylie McCarthy
Licensed Conveyancer
Justice of the Peace

Our goal is to simplify and transact the legal processes with regular and effective communication so each stage and the satisfactory finalisation of the matter is achieved with minimum complexity and maximum efficiency, whether concerning a:


Initial consultations are free of any obligation or charge to guide you on:

  • Negotiating the best price – Preliminary Steps – Preparing / Reviewing Contracts
  • Finance / Stamp Duties – Private Treaty – Public Auction
  • Pitfalls (eg: pre-purchase inspections – avoiding the lemon)

Wills – Powers of Attorney or Guardianship – Joint Owner/ Business Succession   Agreements

These are expedient for financial or estate planning and may be documented at reduced cost in conjunction with a property settlement.

  • A WILL operates only after death to ensure your Estate is managed by an Executor and distributed to Beneficiaries, in each case, of your choice.
  • POWERS OF ATTORNEY/GUARDIANSHIP operate only before death to ensure your financial affairs/health and lifestyle decisions are made by an attorney/guardian of your choice. Also it is particularly important, where you own property jointly with a partner or may need to care for an elderly parent, to hold enduring powers so you can assume control of their affairs if incapacitated (eg suffer a coma/trauma from car accident, stroke or dementia); otherwise a government department may manage both their care and assets (including their share of a jointly owned home) until either their infirmities or lives end.
  • JOINT OWNER AGREEMENTS regulate the sharing of outgoings, time frames for sale or earlier share buy-outs for joint owners of an investment property – important for unrelated parties or domestic partners requiring opt-out terms, including the need to repay third-party loans (e.g. contribution by a parent).
  • BUSINESS SUCCESSION AGREEMENTS prescribe methodology for a smooth transition upon a partner’s or keyman’s retirement/death, including share buy-out processes, cross-insurance covers, valuations etc.